Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Ten Brief mistakes that will stop you getting your ex back

MISTAKE #1: Acting Overly Nice And Believing It Makes You A Great Catch

MISTAKE #2: Trying To Persuade Your Ex To Come Back With Logic

MISTAKE #3: Playing The Role Of Human Doormat

MISTAKE #4: Showering Your Ex With Flowers And Gifts

MISTAKE #5: Saying “I Love You” Every 5 Minutes

MISTAKE #6: Missing Whole Point Of Chemistry

Too many people completely miss the point of attracting the opposite sex because they do things that would attract themselves or others like them… in other words, people of the same gender.

MISTAKE #7: Giving Your ex All Your Power

MISTAKE #8: The Looks And Money Trap

Our culture makes it so easy for people to believe that looks and money are all people care about.

MISTAKE #9: Mis-Reading The Cues

MISTAKE #10: Not Getting HELP

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