Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Now if you've found yourself to this page you've got a certain person on your mind, no need to say who, whether it's your boyfriend, girlfriend, a secret crush or your ex who want help getting back.

Assuming the above is correct then you're in the right place!!! :) This blog is set up to deal with some key issues that i feel are lacking on the interwebs.

-Help with relationships
-Advice on problems with your boyfriend or girlfriend
-Help getting your ex back
-Help with dealing with breakups
-Sexy sexy sex help
-And a whole other range of relationship related help.

But i setup this blog with helping getting your ex boyfriend / ex girlfriend back or in to the place you want them to be. (And i don't mean into a ditch :p )

Occasionally we will have reviews of ebooks and other things which I believe are excellent at helping you out.

Please contact us if you want to!

Thank you muchly

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