Thursday, 16 June 2011

My friend

My friend just got out of a very long term relationship, and it's destroying him, I hope we can all send out some thoughts to him at this time. I'm sure if you're reading this you know exactly how he feels.

I'll be making sure he gets all the help he needs

Thank you


  1. I hope his situation improves, i'll be thinking about him.

  2. I really hope you get better soon. Just remember there are so many more things to do, and so many more people to meet. It's never too late to start again, or go in a different direction.

  3. Never live life looking for someone or trying to be someone you aint, if people don't appreciate are better off without them.

    Hope his situation improves x

  4. I guess that you're really taking this badly. Really hope you reach past it eventually. The idea of living your entire life in pain is horrible. And life can be so short.